Questionnaires on China’s Future Internet Eco-system

EXCITING is a project of strong outreaching and stakeholder-engagement nature. A number of major tasks require effective interaction with and information gathering from valuable stakeholders from research, industry, policy-making as well as civil society.

To maximise the impact of such information gathering process, a couple of partners from the consortium has dedicated to develop a bilingual questionnaire to better understand China’s Future Internet (especially on 5G and IoT) Eco-System, which will help us to better support the cooperation of the EU and China in these fields.

We are kindly requesting 20 minutes of your time to support us and fill in the questionnaire. We believe your knowledge and experience will be a relevant contribution to our assessment. Please note that most of the questions are not mandatory, but much detail and answers as possible would be welcomed.

The results of the questionnaire will be part of a number of key outputs of the project that we will happily share with you once they are finalised in the coming months. These results will also be discussed in future project webinars, which we hope you will be available to participating in once they are scheduled.