EXCITING and F-Interop joint Workshop [IoT Week 2018, Bilbao]

04/06/2018 all-day
Euskalduna Conference Centre
4 Abandoibarra Av. 48011

The IoT Week 2018 will gather top experts, innovators and stakeholders in the Internet of Things. It will be organized for 4 days, from 4th to 7th of June, with an extra day, June 8th.

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Workshop title

Title of workshop: GIoTS Industry Forum II: 5G LSP European and Chinese Perspectives – EXCITING and F-Interop joint Workshop

Date of workshop: 04 June 2018 | 14h30 – 18h00 (Room Barria 1)

Session description

Europe and China are at the forefront of technological developments in what concerns the Future Internet, 5G and IoT.  To continue to have success on this front, it is important to continue collaboration efforts in these areas, namely in the exchange of knowledge and the development of joint activities.

The EXCITING project supports co-operation opportunities between Europe and China, particularly for IoT and 5G, by studying and comparing the corresponding research and innovation ecosystems, identifying the opportunities and making recommendations for creating the appropriate conditions. Given the importance of a harmonised IoT and 5G industry, the F-Interop project focuses on the development of interoperability and performance test tools to support emerging IoT related technologies, from the standardisation process to the market. Both projects are H2020 projects.

In this joint workshop, these complementary projects will address the status, challenges and opportunities in the domain of 5G and IoT, particularly focusing on interoperability and standardisation practices. Attention will also be given to current and planned efforts for EU-China collaboration in this domain, including through joint large scale pilots.

Tentative agenda