EXCITING held its second workshop at the GoITS / IoT Week in Bilbao

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao [Credits: Nicolas Vigier]
Bilbao kindly received the EXCITING consortium last week and many other researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, project representatives and policy makers during the GoITS / IoT Week 2018.

EXCITING (alongside the F-Interop project) organised a dedicated workshop during one of the various parallel sessions titled 5G and IoT Large Scale Pilot European and Chinese Perspectives – EXCITING and F-Interop Joint Workshop. The workshop, which was held on the afternoon of June 4, ran for over three hours and was a good opportunity to join consortium representatives and others involved in the project to share their thoughts on the status, challenges and opportunities in the domain of 5G and IoT, particularly focusing on interoperability and standardisation practices. Attention was also given to current and planned efforts for EU-China collaboration in this domain, including through joint large scale pilots.

The presentations given during the workshop are provided below (in PDF format):

  • Overview of the EC’s actions in China | Franck Boissiere (IoT Unit, EC) [oral speech]
  • Overview of the EXCITING project | Kai Zhang (Martel) [download]
  • Overview of F-Interop project and Interoperability session | Serge Fdida (Sorbonne Université) [download]
  • European IoT Standardisation: Progressing EU-China Common Views | Georgios Karagiannis (Huawei/AIOTI) [download]
  • LSPs on IoT and 5G in China
    • The Integration Innovation of 5G and IoT | Yuming Ge (CAICT) [download]
    • Massive IoT Monitoring System for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project in China | Yang Yang (WICO) [download]
  • EXCITING White papers
    • Standardisation guidelines | Latif Ladid (Université du Luxembourg) [download]
    • Interoperability guidelines for a successful 5G and IoT ecosystem in China and EU | Andrea Ferlini (Sorbonne Université) [download]
  • EXCITING EU-China Panorama Tool | Samuel Almeida (SPI) [download]