First Webinar Successfully Concluded

The first EXCITING webinar was organised on July 26, 2017. The webinar was held in Chinese and focused on discussing the development and future of IoT and IPv6 in China.

The affiliated entities from both China and the EU(8 from China and 7 from the EU) jointly
established the Group for EU – China Study on IoT and 5G, with which China and the
EU jointly applied for and obtained approval for the EU H2020 EXCITING Project. The project, lasting for 26 months, is aimed at facilitating the cooperation between the two sides in IoT standards, interoperability and industries, by means of conferences, report release and offline activities, and at the same time, deepening the EU – China industrial cooperation to satisfy the demand from the next generation mobile communication system (5G). At this
webinar, five guests, including Professor Gao Shuai, from BJTU, Professor Ma Yan
from BUPT, Professor Li Qiang from HUST, Professor Zhou Xu from Network Center of CAS and Mr. Cheng Yuan, Vice-President of BII Group, held in-depth discussion on some burning issues including China’s IoT and 5G development, IPv6 promotion and deployment and cyber security and maintenance.
The summary of the ideas and thoughts from these experts is as follows:
At this conference, five attending experts discussed the questions related to the theme, which came into anticipated fruition and the conference was finally a complete success.
The Chinese participants stated the hope that the active contact with participating entities from the EU can be kept comparing notes in order to give concerted efforts to pressing ahead the EU-China Study on IoT and 5G and deepening the cooperation between the two sides in various programs.
More information can be found on the Webinar page.